Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my sister is here for a week

Sunday, April 22, 2007

the song in my head

is the theme from the "rubbadubbers"..
its pretty cute, you can look it up on youtube if yr curious.
and theres actual episodes posted once a week in a kids variety show by the australian broadcasting co.

here come the rubbadubbers, splish splash splish splosh
here come the rubbadubbers, splish splash splish splosh
splish splash splosh

here's tubb
rubbadubber -sploshy
rubbadubber -finbar
rubbadubber -splish splash splosh
terrence -rubbadubber
winona -rubbadubber
reg and ophelia

here come the rubbadubbers, splish splash splish splosh
splish splash splosh
here come the rubbadubbers, splish splash splish splosh
splish splash splooooosh

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

raindrops keep falling on my head...

its been raining now for 3 days. it always makes me quiet and pensive.. i love the rain, but my kiddos need to get outside some. oh well, at least my kids arent too rowdy..

right now it is silent in my house, except the softly playing radio (btw. the MIT radio station is pretty good, y'all... ruby is laying on my desk looking out the window, and lucas is on the floor pulling books off the bottom shelves and putting them in the stroller basket.

i love the way ruby's face just lights up whenever she sees her brother smurfing around near her.

Monday, April 09, 2007

art show

we've got some art pieces hanging in this show on friday.. i shipped it off this morning. it's a collaborative work by family le sager. if you're in houston go see it!
if you take pictures of the opening, email them to me please?


Friday April 13th at superhappyfunland
2610 Ashland Street (@ W27th Street in the Heights)
Houston TX 77008 - (713)880-2100

Cardboard Art Show Opening

Thursday, April 05, 2007

art frenzy

in my kids naptimes, ive been decorating easter eggs, cutting out construction paper spring flowers (gonna have a few kids over to hunt eggs sunday),, working on my cardboard art for kilian's show at shfl( making progress on my two scrapbooks (one for ruby ~until shes a year old like lucas' was~, and one for the family).. and maybe im gonna do a photo project about being a mommy. i got inspired to go ahead with my ideas after tms sent me a link of some really intersting work she saw recently (

maybe this spring i'll get down in my basement and do something like real art again.

Monday, April 02, 2007

end of march

so , okay, the march pictures are really up now.. including philippe's birthday. we went out and had a great time... although it felt odd at first not having the kids with us. our friend nikki came over just as we were putting the kids in bed, and we set her up with a pizza, beer & a dvd to watch, so we could go 'paint the town'.. haha -dorky!.. we ate at a good thai resto and afterwards went out see robyn hitchcock & the venus3 play nearby. good times good times

ruby went today for her 2 month checkup. she's such a sweet baby, and big too! 60cm/23in tall; 5.65kilos/12lbs 7oz. she's pretty strong and holding up her head good.