Monday, August 08, 2005

oh we're goin for a ride...

but'll be back with more stories to tell. in the meantime ~ vive la france!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


We went to the beach, and it was beeea-utiful. It was the perfect water, the perfect sun, the perfect amount of shade, perfect perfect perfect. And there’s new pix up too since it was lu’s first trip to the sea. I wore my bikini, and with my long hair and milk-made-boobs… felt pretty good looking ~ !! This was a magical tonic for me because after stretching my belly out with baby & fat, I was feeling pretty un-sexy.

FYI, for those of you who care, I got one stretchmark. A lightning-bolt shape thru the middle of a freckle next to my belly button.. I’m thought about getting it tattooed, but i’m not sure. We’ll see about that later if at all. Nature is a pretty good artist already.. why fix perfection, right? the only reason I thought it is because the stretchmark is pretty faint. Hey - Stretchmarks don’t tan, do they? Maybe that’s the solution – go to the beach more often!

And we will go to france soon, for the rest of august in fact.. we are looking forward to our trip not only to see the family le sager, but also because it is getting H-O-T here (98F, 36C) and our little bedroom ac just won’t cool the whole house. Sure, we have fans, you, you & you.. (har har) but between 2-4pm it just circulates the hot air (like me). So, we go for a cool nap in the bedroom (duh), this is not my first 100F summer with inadequate ac, “howdy, I’m from texas!~”