Sunday, August 23, 2009

lu rides his bike!

lucas has been riding his little wooden balance bike everywhere since early spring. recently, he began pretending to pedal it too, while balancing it a fairly high speeds,, and i said to myself: this kid is ready for a real bike!

but ph brought up the real pedal bike this last weekend, and took off the training wheels for him. he needed about 30 minutes and one good push before he was off like a shot! and he hasnt stopped since! ph even said he heard him say "velo" (bike, in french) talking in his sleep last night. :D

and so it is: he's officially a big boy now! let the record show it... 4 years and 3 months old, riding a real bona-fide pedal bike without training wheels. (gulp~ and he goes SO FAST! on it.

i still love love love his little wooden bike, as it makes getting around our town without a car so much easier. i even like that his bike wheels are the exact same size as our stroller tires. it makes going a similar speed easy, its lighter and easier for me to carry if needed, and he is technically still walking it, so his speeds are constrained to a certain extent (on the pedal bike he wants ~and, in fact, needs~ to go faster than me),, that it really is safer. so we will continue using it at least until he outgrows it. We'll let him take the big boy bike out to the playgrounds near our house until he has mastered it fully.


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