Tuesday, October 06, 2009

one more time

i have moved around my whole life.. so when i say "im OVER it!" i really really mean it. moving is interesting (fun?) when youre young & single or even a young married couple.. but moving with kids is a little more complicated. to give them the security & stability they need.

so this is IT! we are moving ONE MORE TIME.. to Utrecht, The Netherlands. and after that we will STAY PUT (god willin'!) until our kids finish school. ph has found himself a permanent position doing exactly what he wants to be doing, and with apparently a great set of people (both professionally & personally) at a national lab.. so, without all the natural change of university life. harvard has been wonderful to us, and we feel so blessed to have lived in such a neat town for this part of our lives.

so, i used to get excited about moving, but now the thrill rushes me when i think in terms of decades in the same place. we think this time since we're moving in the winter, we will get a furnished apartment for the first 6 months or so, just to get to know Utrecht a little, discover what neighborhoods we like and start learning Dutch to be able to read the labels at the grocery store. ive been told my kids will speak almost fluently after a few months in dutch schools.

and thats exciting enough.