Friday, February 22, 2008


during our two years in greece i loved hanging our laundry out on a clothesline. so ive started doing it here too. at first i didnt do it here because i thought our basement was too dark and humid.. and it is - in comparison to our 4th floor balcony in athens, where everything would be dry in 30 minutes or up to a few hours for the heavy stuff. but here, even though it takes a full day for the normal stuff and two solid days for the heavier stuff to dry out, i have started to appreciate line drying again. theres something about the feel of hung clothes.. maybe because theyre stiffer, and require less ironing (not that i ever do that, but its nice to not wear wrinkles!).. and theyre already half folded when you take them down.

i also started washing everything in cold too. now i keep a basket downstairs for HOT washes on things that really need it, in smaller loads. i did this in athens because i couldnt figure out the washing machine (haha... true confessions... but i later figured it out that the hot wash took like almost 2 hours and the cold was only 1/2 hour, so it was still easier)

so now im "going back to athens" in my laundering habits, and i feel great about it. its greener for the environment and my pocketbook too! especially if you factor in the extended life of the clothes themselves.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ruby went to her 1 year checkup on monday. for those of you who love the stats... she's 78cm =31 inches tall, weighs 9.5 kilos =21 lbs. and her head is just over 46cm. that puts her in the 90th% for height and the 75th% for weight!

she has about 8 words that are identifiable (and a handful more that i cant quite understand yet!). so after we got home from the dr. i was putting her in her crib to see if she could put herself to sleep, she sat up, looked around and asked "woo-woo go?". (woo-woo is her word for all stuffed animals, borrowing it from the name of lucas favorite lovey).. and i was surprised, but really i thought, "nah, she's too young to be constructing sentences yet,... probably just babbled an extra consonant. no need to get excited, mama" and i ended up rocking her to sleep.

but later in the afternoon lucas left the room, and she turned and asked me "wuca go?" (where did "lucas go?") and i about fell over!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

happy first bithday, ruby!

today my sweet little girl isnt a baby anymore! all day today, as we slowly make all the preparations for her small party this afternoon.. i have been thinking back to this day last year that i spent in labor. it started at 2am, went to the hospital at 8am, and she was born at 8:33pm. its 12:20 now, so at this very moment last year i was about to get my epidural at 1pm. but enough about me, this is her day.

she is talking more and more, repeating words after us, and surprising us with a few of her own. yesterday we were at a friends house and she was pushing around a big car - and said so clear as day, "car!". she is walking more and more often, but still prefers crawling as her primary means. so for her birthday, i got her her first pair of real shoes. and they are cute! i wish they made them in my size.

everyone is taking a nap right now. but at 3pm, we will have two families come over for a mexican-themed bday party for ruby. mexican food is so perfect for feeding lots of people casually. we will just have a build your own burrito/taco setup, chips & salsa.. and margaritas for us! hey, really, the first birthday is really for the parents, right??

i told lucas he could "help" her blow her birthday candle. he's pretty excited about it and has been talking about it all week. he says "birfdy cake! bwoh!"(birthday cake! blow [out the candle]!) or sometimes he will ask me "wuby upenit pwesens, mama?" (will ruby open presents, mama?) and he's proud he helped me make the cake.