Tuesday, October 28, 2008

major difference

a week or so ago, we woke up one morning to discover our computer wouldnt start, truly kaputt. showing only "the ominous blue screen". so ph was able to restart in safe mode long enough to recover the previous months' files (we back up regularly). and we decided to take a plunge and convert to linux (ubuntu, if you're curious). we had been flirting with the idea for a long time, since neither of us like or need windows software... but we had no good reason to uninstall a working system. so when we were at the point where we would have to reload the system software ANYWAY, it just made sense.

and WOW - i love it! its so fast, its so easy to figure out.. almost like working on a mac again.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

apple pickers

we went apple picking this last weekend. up at Parlee Farms near the NH border. it was a beautiful day, the apples are good (we picked 20 lbs.!! (appx 10 kilos!)) and the kids got to choose one pumpkin each.

ps. THANKS to Masako for taking this very nice family picture for us!

Friday, October 10, 2008

visitit resistit admitit listentoit

i accepted a challenge, i saw it on one of the blogs i watch.. (http://whistlingleafblower.blogspot.com/2008/09/visititresistitadmititlistentoit.html) but in formulating with my own answers, i couldnt help but answering these questions with a political tilt. probably because we are one month away from a presidential election.

ordinarily i stay off politics for my blog because my family (and some friends even!) are heavily divided in this department... but these are not ordinary times.

visit it: your polling place! and vote FOR obama!

resist it: oil products (gasoline, plastics...

admit it: i am terrified of governor palin & i loved the SNL parody

listen to it: (listen or watch or read) the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.. i saw its available in 6 parts on youtube

Monday, October 06, 2008

how i like it...

i remember a time - not so long ago, i would pull out my heaviest winter coat for a 50F degree day. i have noticed this year with the change in seasons that i have become "one of those people"! this morning it was 50F (10C) degrees and i only needed a sweater and a thin silk scarf to walk down to harvard for a playgroup. granted the afternoon is 60F (15C), and is perfect sweater weather! coming from houston (by way of so-cal), and then greece, this is REALLY different for me.

during my walk this morning, i started reminiscing about how i developed a taste for spicy foods much in the same way. i remember my first year of college i was living with roommates, and one of them (allan) had ordered a pizza the night before, and at lunchtime the next day i asked if i could have a piece. he did not mention the fact that it had jalapenos on it, and they were under the cheese so i didnt notice them (maybe i thought the greenish lumps were bell peppers?) anyway.. next thing i know, i am literally laying down on the couch, asking for a glass of milk for my fiery mouth! (hehehe-!)

in the coming years after that, i became a full-fledged spice junky. it didnt happen immediately, but the next thing i know i am inhaling chips with those spicy pickled carrots, garlic & jalapenos mix on the table at the taquerias, and topping it off with their hot salsa - literally getting euphoric... and it continues today where i have a half-teaspoon of "el yucateca" habanero salsa* in almost anything i eat!

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Yucateco_Chile_Habanero

who knew autumn and jalapenos were a gateway drug?

Thursday, October 02, 2008


i'm making lucas halloween costume. he wants to be "super lucas" so im just making a nice superman outfit. ruby will wear lucas costume from last year (homemade lightning mcqueen sweatshirt).. and she loves saying "ka-chow!" but instead of wheels, im thinking red sparkly shoes.

and im also crocheting up a couple of door sausages. apparently in ENGLISH, these things are called "draft excluders" well la-di-dah, folks. someone from here told me they were called door sausages, so thats what im sticking with! hehe. its a pillowy-roll you lay at the foot of your drafty doors to block the wind from coming in, and we have 2 doors that really need it.