Sunday, April 24, 2005

prose-worthy rose in my neighbor’s garden.
Ever since I saw this stunning beauty, I have been checking on it daily from bud to bloom.. Let me be clear, not all roses are equal to me, in fact I’ve seen “weeds” prettier than some roses. … but THIS is the kind of rose that stirs one’s heart to write poetry, and I wish I could.

As a special note, this is always a special time for me. Ever since I can remember I have had many very dear friends whose birthdays fall in Taurus, so this exceptional rose is dedicated to them.

April 24, Tricia Moreau Sweeney, my dearest friend of all… and happy birthday today!
May 17, Betty Williams, my favorite dinner date.
April ??, Susan Green, one of my very good girlfriends.
April 29, Genevieve Le Sager, my mama-in-law whom I adore.
April 29, Carlota Sweeney, Tricia’s mama-in-law whom I adore.
April 22, Marisa Demaya, my high-school best friend.
May 19, Julieanne Antoinette Lescamela, my first best friend.
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Friday, April 22, 2005

me & baby eisai kickin' it spring-style sto athena

philippe's going to vienna next week for a scientific conference. and wish i was in paris tonight... siiighhhh..... i never thought the first time i would miss my own art show would be my europe debut. it's all good, i've got good built-in company!

Monday, April 11, 2005

games, names and paint-hangs

Well that game was super fun.. and I loved looking at everyone’s faces real good. I just want yall to know that I had it easier than yall did too, because not only did I have really nice printouts of the game from tricia, but I know everyone on the list too.. of course these last 4 are real doozies! I recognize the eyes in 2 of them, but cant place the names yet… it’s jelling in my brain.. but I think I’ll wait for the names to start officially guessing.

Everyones asking us if we have a name yet for our baby boy. The answer is KINDOF, and we wont be certain until we can see his face. So to hold you over, until we announce it, the names we like so far are: Lucas, Alexis & Maro … in that order of preference. And we are definitely leaning towards Lucas Maro Le Sager (pronounced: leu-cah mah-ro leuh sa-zhay.. if that helps). ‘Maro’ is Japanese for the concept of one’s self, and it may be a little unusual sounding to you at first, but roll it around on your tongue a while.. it’s actually very palatable.
We put some new pix up on our ph & bb photo sites too, if you’re looking for the big bump. (our new euphemism for my belly) - and soon I hope to put some pictures up of all the packages we have received from everyone .. we have gotten alot already, and it’s really nice to get stuff in the mail, especially when you’re so far away and missing your family & friends.

You may have noticed I put my art on the web now.. I encourage you to check it out. Which brings me to my next interesting news.. my doctor thinks he wants to buy a painting, so how cool! - that’s actually the reason I finally put my work on the web.. And I’m gearing up for my international debut (paris, april 22).. so I figured it was time to get my buns in gear.. interesting note: you can click on “tags” to sort them by year, for example…