Wednesday, July 19, 2006

how about them apples?

movers come on the 24th, we leave on the 27th... lotsa stuff going on around here. sweet cousin rebecca just left this morning. and i guess its time we let out with the big news (since we'll be out of pocket for awhile.. gotta give you something to really chew on)

we're pregnant... again! already! oh my god.. what a trip. we're pretty excited by the news, and got our first look (by ultrasound) this week. gonna find a pediatrician AND an obstetrician as soon as we get to boston. the doc here said everything looks good.. the new baby is due early february and will be only 21 months younger than lucas. (!!)

i can only think about the fact that we left our friends & family 2 years ago.. and the next time we see anyone we'll have TWO kids! (i will be too-big-preggy to travel at xmas, but am planning on going to my sisters wedding in st. louis with a 1-month-old baby!)

how about them apples?

Friday, July 07, 2006

hey - wow!

well here's some big news for you... it looks like we're moving to boston at the end of this month.. (!) philippe got a job at harvard university doing some fancy computer modeling of atmospheric chemistry. so now we are now trying to close up shop here in athens and find a new setup in boston.

meanwhile my cousin rebecca is here, visiting and touring around, and helping me watch lucas be cute.

if you have info about boston we should know, or friends we should meet after we get there... hook it up! oh and start thinking about how nice it'll be to come visit us there!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

july 4 anniversary

for philippe..."i love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as to-morrow, do-wah do-wah... and if all my dreams came true - i'd be spending time with you - oh!"

we got married july 4th, 2002 .. on buffalo bayou in houston texas.. near the dandelion fountain, pretty soon after dark, maybe 9pm, when the fireworks began, so did we. we gave only 3 days notice and invited you to come in your shorts with your blanket or lawn chair and beer koozie and we provided a cooler full of champagne and little plastic cups. many of our friends, and friends of friends helped us with our special occasion... making our wedding a most spectacular, heartwarming and memorable evening. our dear friend trey (a musician and dent-puller) was the minister. missy (a boutique hand) gave me the dress which i found while shopping at the way we wore. dia (my haidresser) did my hair and johnathan her husband, the florist) made me a bouquet. carol's daughter sarah (a cosmetology student) did my makeup and a relaxing foot soak to keep me from running around while she did her thing. my mom provided a luxury car service to the ceremony (a client of theirs). and manu collected up everyones digila pix and made them into a CD for us, that my dad later turned into a chronological slideshow video with music. we felt really lucky to have so many friends.

allright allready, enough of the sappy-story-time.

we met three years before we got married (to the day, officially, at a vegetarian backyard barbecue - but thats another story) so we've been together now for 7 years!! whoopee for us!