Sunday, November 27, 2005

desperate housewife watches kitty soap opera thus learning the importance of imparting ancient wisdom

i guess i'll just come out with it - we have started watching desperate housewives. and if you're watching it too - we're a season behind over here, so nobody spoil it for us. it's not all that strange that i like this show, but what's surprising is that philippe likes it too! hehe. go figure THAT out!

and the only other story i have to tell is really much more interesting. there are several young cats where we live and i love to watch them while i am washing dishes. back when they were kittens, i saw the mama kitty "gray kitty" teaching her young black and white son "oreo" (aside: "oreio" is a greek word meaning "nice") how to catch, kill and eat a big fatty grasshopper. i was a bit touched, being as how i was pregnant then, and marvelled at nature and nurture, and "teach a man to fish" and all that..

well today, i was washing dishes (again! ..i know) and i saw "oreo" teaching one of "gray kitty's" new kittens (oh - yes, second batch - did i mention the neighbors are trying to catch & spay this little kitty-making-machine?) how to catch, kill and eat a big fatty grasshopper too, almost like an older brother passing on some great wisdom*. i was not as sentimental as i was when i was pregnant, but it was definitely very "nice" to see. of course, "oreo" is a natural-born grasshopper killer, and i have witnessed him literally climb a wall to chest height to get at one. i felt like i had my own little kitty theater going on here. that may be the only part i'll miss about dafnis street.

PS- i'll post a pic of my new hairs when i get around to it

Sunday, November 20, 2005

head decoration

i got my hair cut. it's super short and i love it! a year and a half ago, just before we left houston, i shaved my head with the #4-guard of philippe's shears and it grew out from there up until now. after i found out i was preggy i wanted to be very earth mother and all natural, smooth and soft lines, but now that lucas is 5 months (almost 6 can you believe it?) i am searching for my own personal identity again. my face has changed a bit (as it will in life) my body has changed a bit, my environment has changed a LOT - so who am i now?

whatever,,, i guess time will do it's own thing on me.. .like a decorated house always looks better when you didnt buy it all at the same time. but back to topic, the best part about my hair is if i have wierd hair in the morning i can stick my head under the faucet and towel dry. and no tangles either!

and i cant wait to move december 20th to our new place. it'll be super. the kitchen is the best part - total late sixties/early seventies decoration just like i like it. looky my red laminate cupboards with a black and chrome trim line, and a repeating blue whirligig graphic on white tiles for the backsplash areas with yellow walls.

hopefully in our new pad where i will have some more space to spread out, maybe i can find some time to get back into my work. i'm envisioning very minimalist ink line drawings, but we'll see how it goes. i'll just have to 'cross that bridge when i get there' as the old adage goes. i had started training my hand to some chinese calligraphy as one of my last projects before we left houston, and it seems to still be floating around in my brain after all this time. and i got some great old wood windows to work on - with the aging white paint (interior satin enamel) still intact.

in other news - lucas still wakes up 2 times per night. that's midnight and 3am.. & 6am for the morning. sometimes every two hours if he's got some gas or is on a hungry-boy binge. but he did start some solids and he just loves apples. (i am homemaking his baby purees with my blender)

also he is wearing his first pairs of shoes now that the weather is changing.. and in addition to some blue "greece" sneakers from julia, we also found some green canvas & orange corduroy shoes that say 'helloooo world! i like bright shoes!'.. what else...? i guess that's about it. except we bought a ton of great used toys and books at a rummage sale put on by my mommies' group. it was fun and we got to meet the french mommies' group that meets on monday in the same place, so maybe i'll join them once and again. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

lucas first blog post!'

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