Thursday, March 20, 2008

eggs & crochet

i'm teaching myself how to crochet, now that ive got the hang of knitting. im not GOOD at either yet, mind you, but im catching on to the basics. its something ive always wanted to learn.

my weight is finally starting to drop off now that ruby is completely finished nursing. its a relief.. i dont know how much weight i was hanging on to since we dont have a scale here, but i FEEL better. i have no illusions that my tummy will ever be flat again, but its nice to feel like myself once more!

ive been pulling out the art supplies for the kids more often these days despite the fact that ruby is really not at an age yet to appreciate it.. i think she may have swallowed a small bit of green crayola this morning - oops. and we set up the kitchen table with the annual easter egg coloring project. i smartly (if i say so myself) taped some large white paper to the table to preserve the incidental artwork (you thought i was going to say "preserve the table??" hahaa! you dont know me very well.)
we are going to 2 community egg hunts this weekend, and its gonna be loads of cute. i'll post the pix.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

new workspace


now maybe i can get some of these craft projects out of the way so i can really paint again! we'll see.. but i just had to make space. for what precious little time i have to do anything - the table to do it on better be ready!
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