Saturday, March 14, 2009

makin' it

lucas saw a roadway set up he liked in a book at the library, so we checked out the book with the agreement that we could make it together.. more specifically, that mama will not make it all by herself, that lucas will do everything he can, and mama will HELP when he needs it. i made him promise, because he has a tendency to want me to do everything for him. and i want him to spread his wings.

well, i just want to brag on him a bit, and point out to you that he painted all of the black, and all of the green by himself, and did a GREAT job staying in the lines i drew! he also helped hold the wood quarter-rounds while i was sawing them to make the caution blocks. he started to help me paint the blocks yellow, but lunch was almost ready, so he went to help set the table. hey - we all have our priorities!

and... the diorama i made for lucas school project.. i did this one by myself, and lucas supervised quite a bit. i really had fun doing it, and now all the other moms at the preschool know im nuts (hehe :

ps. neatnicks and perfectionists who are looking cockeyed at our creations: i say yes, but, i like it that way! i do "sloppy style" on purpose.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

electric pants

lucas is growing like a weed lately. his head is too big for all of his sweaters, so i made a special trip to the mall to find one with a zip front. it was a gorgeous day out, too. so philippe took the kids to the park and i went shopping ALONE! it is such a rare treat for me that i went and bought myself some pink pants. i really needed them too. ;D... well lets just say, i had fun.

so after dinner, we got to all sit in the living room and open the shopping bags. i also found some very cute pajamas for the kids. race car #33 for lucas, and rainbow polka dots for ruby. the kids instantly went nuts for their new PJs.. and insisted they wear them immediately. as soon as the new pajamas touch their tender skin, they're electrified! they start dancing around shaking their booties to the music, laughing and running races back and forth all over the place, falling into chair cushions.

i really wish i could have had the camera on me for the dancing part, before they got caught up in their own little independent scenarios... because little colorful wagging behinds just make mamas happy. philippe said "this is so much better than TV. in fact, what're we gonna do when they grow up and leave? then we'll be so bored we'll HAVE to watch TV."