Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i feel like this

its amazing, really.. i sprouted arms i didnt know i had.

did you know that i can read a toddler to sleep while rocking a screaming baby with my foot? or that a toddler could fall asleep listening to a screaming baby? i did not. did you know i can type with a 10 pound baby on my forearm? i didnt know that either.. and apparently i can eat lunch and breastfeed at the same time too.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ok, well...

new pix and videos are up...!

we're going to st louis in 2 weeks for my sister's wedding.. im getting excited about it. i realized the other day that this will be the first time in 20 years (summer 1987, in san diego) that all three of us kids PLUS both parents will be in the same room at the same time. wow, 20 years, am i getting old? haha.

ok, seriously though... what should i wear?

Friday, February 16, 2007

i have some bragging to do here...

a few weeks ago, lucas gave up his sucker! what a big boy.. i didnt want to say anything prematurely, to not jinx it - especially with ruby on the way, older siblings have been known to "fall off the wagon" on such issues - but he was just ready to quit i suppose//

and grampa dave came to town with a regular water bottle (with a screw-top that was fun to learn how to use!) that really helped him get through he initial "withdrawal" period ... after a week, he picked it back up for a day and then was completely done! bravo, lu!!

and ruby,, my darling 'piccolo rubinia' (as the italian guy on the bus told me).. she slept through her first night last night!! .. sigh... makes a mother so happy. and well rested! she ate at 9pm and didnt wake up again until 4am , by which time i thought my breasts were going to explode from being so full.. anyway - last time i checked - an infant of 14 days who sleeps 7 hours straight ~ qualifies as a "night"... what a good girl, mamas little boobela.

oh i am so proud of my boo's.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

ruby pix are up

on the "lucaspix" link -- soon to be renamed i suppose. haha.

i'll be brief about my long descriptives since i cant seem to find any time lately! here's what it is to be me this week:

18 hours of labor (230am until 830pm) to deliver a huge baby - and for those following the VBAC story ~ SUCCESSS!!!! yay! i delivered naturally, with an epidural. i did have a couple of "repercussions" from pushing out sucha big baby, but i wont go into details. but the recovery is a bit longer than i had hoped, but not near as long as a repeat caesarian would have been.

ruby is a real sleeper, too.. i just love it.. really.. she seems to only be awake about 2 hours a day and she's already making 4 hours at night regularly and slept 5 hours straight last night! waking up only 2x per night for a 9-day-old baby is VERY okay with me. lucas was up every hour and a half or two for longer than i care to remember. oof. but the new little missus dirties up diapers quicker than spitfire, and cannot tolerate a dirty one. not even for a minute!

and ive only been speaking french since genie got here. (well, "only" - ha.. you know what i mean) and lucas' regular gibberish has a french accent this week too. and its interesting to see which words of his are french and which are english... and some are just "lu"...

speaking of lucas - hes doing VERY well so far - he seems to really like her. he always has to know where she is, and sometimes gives her eskimo kisses, and squats down next to her infant seat and stares at her for long periods (long for a toddler, that is). and he lets me hold her too.. something he would NEVER let me do with another baby -he sometimes even gets up in my lap while i am breastfeeding. having philippe (back to work monday) and his mother (one week remaining) around to keep him distracted is certainly part of the equation,,, so we'll see what happens afterwards and its just me alone.. the pediat says a "honeymoon" of 10 days is normal before the "trouble" starts.. but so far, so good

oops gotta go its feeding time - enjoy those pix.. while we're busy taking more for the next batch

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ruby Juliane Le Sager

born 2/2/07 at 8:33 pm, 9 lb 2 oz. Everybody is doing very well, but tired.

nee le 2/2/07 a 20:33, 4,14 kg. En pleine forme, dort beaucoup. La maman va tres bien et se repose. A bientot.