Sunday, April 19, 2009

dust & bunnies

easter was fun, albeit rather cold.. we are still PATIENTLY WAITING for warmer weather. it has been often around 50F/10C, and either windy or rainy- but with a few beautiful days thrown in for sanity and promise of amazing weather to come. the hardest part is waiting to put any delicate plants outdoors. so we have started some seedlings in our windowsills to hold us until we can fill up our newly-installed window boxes. so far the brussels sprouts seedlings are doing VERY well, and im dreaming of eating up all those scrumptious little choux when they arrive.

well, this is the biggest news around our house - is mama's going nuts doing the spring cleaning around here. i just cant stop myself! sorting through clothes and toys, changing the art around, scrubbing and vacuuming everywhere, washing windows & the front door area, planting flower pots, bringing up & tuning the bikes (actually, thats ph's dept). and all the while trying to keep a vigorous pace on a certain crochet project.