Friday, June 19, 2009

please oh pretty pretty please

we need and want one of these.. you all know about my family biking dreams, ive been obsessively and quite seriously drooling and dreaming about this for about a year and a half now, and i almost leaped when i found this one , its just theyre so darn expensive (even though this one is one of the better priced ones on the market!!) help me win one by clicking here::
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


the whole month of may snapped by quickly. i have over 800 photos we're going through, trying to sift out the worthy to share.

first off we had fabienne & xavier visiting for a week, and we always really enjoy their visits. the kids just love them to pieces, and lucas is still talking about how he will go to xaviers house next time, according to lucas its in paris and they have a yard & a bunny (hey at least he got the city right!).. we saw a bunch of art & walked plenty, and sadly didnt finish the bottle of fine whiskey they brought us. i mistakenly tried to save half the bottle for my dad's visit later in the month..

well better luck next time, i guess.. because during the 6 days in-between visitors our house was burglarized! at 4am, while we were sleeping upstairs, some rotten soul took the window off of our house, climbed in , turned on a lamp (!), picked up our laptop, ipod, half-bottle of fine whiskey(*400th anniversary black bush (10 year aged bushmills), a jar of quarters (probably about $30 worth) with ph's house/office/bike keys inside it. and walked out the front door.

having grampa davy and mimi here was just what the doctor ordered for me... just their presence gave me a sense of security, and i was able to move through the psychological impact of the invasion pretty quickly. and putting alarms on my windows and doors helped to that end as well.

my dad is so good with the kids, and you can tell he really savors the contact. this time he brought mimi too, and i really think she benefited from the visit too.. really getting to know her great grand-children. dad and i worked great as a team, he providing entertainment, and i providing meals.. it makes you understand very deeply how it "takes a village" and how family can really be a help to one another in caring for the young and old alike. mimi kept herself busy watching the kids out in the playground, drawing in her sketchbook and interacting with the kids... reading a book, making a pinwheel, showing ruby how to wear her beaded necklace, etc.

and lastly.. the birthday. lucas turned 4 last week, and in the same week, started writing his name by himself! he had a spiderman birthday cake, a spiderman scooter, and a big stuffed dino.. we had our neighbors over for a pizza party and everyone had a blast.

theres so many other fun things that happened this month that i didnt get a chance to write about while we had visitors, so i'll do my best in the photo captions once i get those up on the flickr page. ps. tomorrows my birthday, and ph has been having fun teasing me about my old age now at 35... ;D