Sunday, September 30, 2007

speaking of talking

we're also seeing stronger evidence of lucas budding bilingualism. here's a good example... at dinner, lucas wants more milk, so

L: mama! a nilk! (mama, a milk)
B: can you say please?
L: peese. (please)
B: no, i'm busy eating, can you ask papa?
he turns
L: papa! un lait! (papa, a milk)
P: dire s'il tu plait! (say please!)
L: uh plai (please)

(i won't ordinarily ask for a please if i know i will turn him down, but i do ask him to say please all the time, so i inserted it to make the two conversations equal)

what i think is absolutely amazing is how he speaks a different language at the turn of his head. and he doesnt even think anything of it! that's me who's impressed.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


ruby started crawling allright, and now i'm too busy to write - haha. and she's started pulling herself up to a standing position .. i'm telling you, this girl is on a mission!

lucas is talking more and more, i wish i could catch it on video to post it, but he's too shy & evasive... but he is really speaking in the appropriate language to the appropriate person, and is making 3-word sentences all the time now.

he hit a little bit of a rough spot this week and was very difficult at times, i think because i'm having to pay more attention to ruby, but it's not all about ruby... i think it is just his age, too . this (the terrible 2's, as it were) is the age of defiance & autonomy. but he is conflicted, because he knows he still needs me & wants to be my baby too. he even asked if he could try ruby's baby food.

here's our conversation,
L: want it? food?
B: what, you want some baby food?
L: yeah!
B: (me moving the spoon towards his mouth)
L: no!
B: oh, you want to do it yourself?
L: do it! (tastes it carefully)
B: you like it?
L: yeah, good.
B: it's called baby food
L: baby. food. good! (eats a little more) like it.

but then i realized he was just hungry, so i set him up with some real food.

he even started saying "i love you", but it doesnt quite sound like that.. he says "laithew".. and this morning he (as always) came into my bed and lay down next to me on my pillow said "luhca. laith. waby".. translation: lucas loves ruby. AWWW!!! thats mama's sweet boy. and in my heart, every time he has ever sat on her or pushed her over is forgiven. hehe. for now anyway.

Monday, September 03, 2007


first things first.. the august pictures & videos are up now.

lucas fell and hit his head on the base of our rocking chair saturday morning.. and had to go to the emergency clinic to get 3 stitches (er,, staples) in his forehead. it was a bit scary, but he was fine.

ruby started to crawl!! on her 7 month birthday. its still a little uncoordinated yet.. but i can tell already, my days of 'relaxation' are numbered. i am so proud of her. and it has been fun dangling toys about 3 feet/1 meter in front of her to see if she'll come over. it has to be something good because it takes a lot of effort on her part.. it takes her a minute to warmup and organize all those different body parts moving simultaneously. oh, she's so young to crawl already! for those of you who dont know.. 6 months is about the earliest you ever hear of babies crawling.. but most commonly it's around 8 or 9 months.

oh look here's my crystal ball ~ i see loads and loads of laundry with dirty knees, mopping the kitchen floor every two days, and having to hide all of lucas small toys. gotta break out those baby gates again too. (sigh) this is fun.