Friday, June 27, 2008

chicago post-post

a couple weekends ago, i took ruby on a quick 3 day trip to chicago. it was fun, if a tiny bit stressful. ruby finally started to feel adjusted to the new scenario just when it was time to leave, and on top of it, she suffered a bit of seasickness on the flight making things a bit, um... messy. all through the trip she kept asking for her papa, and we were grateful to have the skype connection to reassure her.

but we did have a nice time sticking around their house getting to spend time with baby clara, hanging out chatting, grilling, drinking beers & meeting their friends and neighbors...and there was an italian festival going on at the end of their block too! ya! ruby was all about their kitty cat... and we both scored some cute dresses.. we also saw our good friends sue & robert too... it wasnt nearly long enough, but it will have to do for now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

batch #37

Pain is good (tm).

I decided to try this one, because it was on sale. And I found my new best friend. Boy category. So simple.

The bottle, shaped like a whisky flask, is pretty cool (understand: a welcome change from the usual jar), and it fits so nicely in your hand. Inside it's even better. Main ingredient: carrots! Right! With lots of Habanero peppers and garlic to make the three of a perfect pair. Lots of garlic. They call it "garlic style" for a reason, but not as garlicky as Mrs Renfro's Garlic Salsa, another favorite that we find too mild around here and to which we always add some habanero kick. So I would not have called it "garlic style" myself. (Talking about garlic head... I **really** need to do my own αλιάδα one of this day). Anyway, pain is good delivers a tasty and very hot (they mean it) hot sauce that I can only recommend. More about it here.

Oh! Yes, it is better to have a bottle of shiraz nearby.

Have some time to kill? Wonder what's hot? Visit the heat scale.

Soundtrack: nick cave, sue tissue, slint

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


...vous pourrez nous trouver a Paris (le 16 juillet, puis du 3 au 6 août) et en Bretagne (17 juillet-3 août)
O Paname!
O Bretagne!
We cant wait to see you again!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

an early birthday present for me

so beautiful! gonna move the baby seat onto the back of this one,, since it has 5 gears it'll be easier to go up hill with a kid on back, and philippe wont have to do so much waiting around for me ;D.. for you bike-geeks, its a vintage 70s ross eurotour 5-speed with shimano gears & brakes... with wheel generated head & tail lamps! the canary yellow and chrome fenders are exactly my style, too.

ps. the end of may pix & vid are up.