Saturday, March 14, 2009

makin' it

lucas saw a roadway set up he liked in a book at the library, so we checked out the book with the agreement that we could make it together.. more specifically, that mama will not make it all by herself, that lucas will do everything he can, and mama will HELP when he needs it. i made him promise, because he has a tendency to want me to do everything for him. and i want him to spread his wings.

well, i just want to brag on him a bit, and point out to you that he painted all of the black, and all of the green by himself, and did a GREAT job staying in the lines i drew! he also helped hold the wood quarter-rounds while i was sawing them to make the caution blocks. he started to help me paint the blocks yellow, but lunch was almost ready, so he went to help set the table. hey - we all have our priorities!

and... the diorama i made for lucas school project.. i did this one by myself, and lucas supervised quite a bit. i really had fun doing it, and now all the other moms at the preschool know im nuts (hehe :

ps. neatnicks and perfectionists who are looking cockeyed at our creations: i say yes, but, i like it that way! i do "sloppy style" on purpose.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger cake said...

that roadway is fantastic! and i love his apron. cosmo really needs an apron that fits.

i know what you mean about making sure that he gets involved. i tend to want to do all my creative stuff when i have time to myself, so i can control everything! but i have been pushing myself to incorporate cosmo in as many projects as i can.

your diorama is wonderful! what is it for, exactly?

At 5:03 PM, Blogger bethany said...

lu's preschool asked everyone to bring in a cereal box house so they can make a classroom "neighborhood". theyve been talking about 'our community' the whole spring semester (fire/garbage/post ofc/doctors/library/clerks, etc/...)


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