Monday, February 23, 2009

the secret life of children

im starting to realize now that my kids are real co-conspirators. every day at 1pm they both go upstairs for their nap, and they can sleep wherever they want upstairs.. i draw the shades, kiss them and their myriad stuffed animals and leave them with a book each.

alot of times it's 2 pillows on the floor of their room in front of their bookshelf, and they go through their books, staring, flipping pages, whispering, exchanging. and i feel like so long as they're quiet, and this represents "down time" i cannot complain.

but before i go downstairs, i tell them, "now is not time for play, its time for rest. and if i hear any playing around, im gonna come up and separate you two" (classic mom-style, cant you just hear it?).

very occasionally do i get to see this firsthand.. today i took a shower instead of going downstairs for my own quiet time. by the time i came out, i fully expected to see two kids asleep, drooling on the open books. but lucas had moved into my bed, and ruby was still set up on the floor, and running books back and forth from the bookshelf for lucas, and all in whispers. i heard their exchanges. okay, im done with this one, you take it your turn, ruby? okay, um you take this book, lucas? okay, thanks. i want the bear book ruby. okay. sock feet quietly thudding across the floor, back to the bookshelf.

and they noticed me. i thought it was funny they stayed in whispers and contimued their transaction. so i whispered 'go to sleep now' and they did, i could tell by the swagger in ruby's walk it was past time for her to sleep. really, these are the moments i feel proudest of them. having such a loving and sharing relationship, even when they dont know im watching. and i like that they have a secret life without me. this relationship they're building together will serve them well the rest of their lives.


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what a wonderful story! it is the one thing that makes me wish cosmo had a sibling: the idea of having a co-conspirator seems only fair, given the huge power imbalance of parents vs. children.


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