Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ella souvlaki mou!

(i wrote this email recently, thought id share my thoughts with all of you, too... although the weather has finally turned a bit nicer today 60F/15C)

im finally getting lonely for greece after 6 months here.. predictable, no??.

i talked with carole & lily and shes already hanging out on the terrace lately with beautiful weather.. and its not done snowing here (this week we are having some 40F/10C weather, foof!
and i saw on gerrys blog that julia will go to greece this easter... somebody else mentioned carnivale and.. damn! these people here are as un-passionate as they are polite! and NObody "tooff-tuffs" (the spitting sound) on my brand new baby here/// i could just cry!

you all remember - there were lots of things that frustrated me about greece - particularly in the first 6 months - but after being there 2 years it managed to charm and haunt me. the first thought that ran through my head that i knew greece pulled my strings somehow is that ~when i moved THERE i hated the fact that EVERYTHING was white white white and some gray. but when i moved HERE i just wished my house - exterior, stairs, railings, trim and part of the sidewalk - were stark white, and wondered where's the terrace with outdoor table & chairs?? (something also imperative in texas, so you can imagine how i am accustomed)

anyway, i guess i dont have anything else to say, no neat way to wrap up my sentiments here, except maybe some more storytlling.. philippe just came in saying how theres a cold wind coming with some {freezing rain or snow} tonight.. hmph. but im ready for my t-shirts and flipflops already! guess ill go strap on my apron and go get the kitchen good and steamy and pretend.

ouzo, anyone?


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bethany, you are so wonderfully mentally healthy, I'm in awe. First, you are aware of how you feel. Lots of us had to be 50 years old before we got in touch with stuff like that.

Secondly, you vented those feelings not once but twice. you know how to reach out and show your human-ness with others and in the process, you help yourself go through the process of grieving (that might be too strong a word).

And thirdly, you have the emotional maturity to "get yourself in the kitchen and pretend" instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Are you sure you are my child? Surely you got this emotional wisdom from somewhere else; I didn't get my own head together until after you were grown. But wherever it came from, I am so grateful to have you in my life.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Kilian said...

I'll bet Greece is really hard to get out of your system even if some of the logistical problems in Athens aren't something you'd want to revisit. I'm really glad we got to see your Greece. I miss it too and Tricia and I were only there for a week.


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